Duck Family Tree

Stephen R. Fournier s_fourni at
Thu Dec 15 18:08:26 CET 1994

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting in this newsletter, so please
take it easy on me.:) Well, after rading the last digest I was wondering
if Don's Duck family Tree will ever be printed in the Gladstone comics? I
remember reading about it in a Gopher site and I'd find it very interesing
to see also. 
    Mr. Rosa, since I know you read this newsletter, i'd like to thank you
for responding to my letter that I wrote, it really made my day.
	The disscussion on Moby Duck has been interesting, I picked up an
old copy of his comic book a while ago and haven't seen one since, does
any one know how long it lasted? My copy I believe was from before I was
born, sometime in the early seventies.
	I think that they should bring back those Duck Family one shots
and have all of the ducks in it. Including Moby Duck and more importantly
April, May and June.
	I really miss not having any Christmas/Holiday Parades this year,
I hope they come back soon.

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