Disney and Guns

LAFFALOT@aol.com LAFFALOT at aol.com
Thu Dec 15 18:29:30 CET 1994

I just came back from a trip to Disney World, and there were toy guns for
sale every time I turned around.  Maybe something to do with an upcoming
movie has changed their policy.

On another note, I saw advance cels for the next three animated features.
 "Pocahontas" will be out in ther spring (maybe that's where the guns come
from?), and if people who love controversy miss this one, their missing out.
The Pilgrims looked like demons from hell, and the Native Americans looked
positively angelic.  This should be interesting.

The other two features are "Fantasia Continued" and "The Hunchback of Notre
Dame"  Advance cels for both looked promising.

Laffalot at aol.com
Ken Gordon

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