Disney-comics digest #521.

Bob Wright ARCHIMEDES at delphi.com
Fri Dec 16 05:04:01 CET 1994

JORGEN:    I recall not being very impressed with "Phantom of  Notre  Duck"
when  it  first  ran  (7-67).   Not knowing anything of Carl Barks (few did
then), I was wondering if a new scripter had taken over, as the  art  style
seemed  the  same.   I  couldn't see the person writing this somewhat silly
whodunit as the one who had penned "Secret of  the  Incas",  "Lost  in  the
Andes"  and  "Seven Cities of Cibola".  The ending did have more bite, with
the US look-alike and Scrooge joining in  the  cathedral-building  project.
Incidentally, just four issues later Barks was back on track with "Treasure
of  Marco  Polo".   My  mother thought I was crazy when I went ROTFL at the
soldier saying, "You just can't trust these watches made  in  the  workers'

HARRY:   Is Picsou the French US book?  My youngest boy was in France about
5 years ago and told me "Oncle Picsou" is what he's known as there. He said
the  name  has something to do with stopping to pick up every coin found on
the sidewalk. Sounds like our man.

DON:     Finally  got  US  290  and  found D.U.C.K. on the splash page, but
missed it on the cover.  Whereis?  When I saw the  overflowing  spitoon  in
the saloon, I thought Glomgold was going to get a taste of it for sure, but
feathers on top of molasses and feathers was almost as good.  One question,
however.  After this run in with Glomgold, why didn't Scrooge recognize him
onboard  ship  in  US  15?   Aside  from FC 456, Scrooge's memory for nasty
characters has been pretty good.

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