Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Sat Dec 17 00:54:28 CET 1994

Mickey Mystery and Scarpa story
I found that #5 is among the books I have here in Oslo. As I thought
there is no Scarpa in it. Just the two usual artists. The stories
are D92396 and D92469.

New Barks story in Italy
Sounds interesting, but I would rather guess that the Italians haven't
heard about a country far up in the north, than that Barks suddenly 
have become very productive ;-)

Notre Duck
BOB: I think almost any of the older long adventures (Barks) can beat 
the Notre Duck story, but, as Harry, I think this is one of his best 
stories from the sixties. Maybe because I like secret corridors and 
model building :-) 

BTW: I remember I really liked (and like) another story from that time.
I'm thinking of the story where US is hiding all his money in an old
castle lying outside Duckburg. He fills it with a lot of traps.
The Beagle Boys have learned a lot of things in prison, and use this 
to find the money. One of them knock Scrooge in the head, so he loses
his memory.
   The story isn't that great, but one panel is somehow emotionally 
outstanding. The panel where Scrooge is walking in the street, not 
remembering anything since the last winter, and before he "realizes" 
he's a ghost. You can almost feel the temperature in the panel!


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