Barks Story

Fredrik Ekman ekman at
Sun Dec 18 03:29:59 CET 1994

On Wed, 14 Dec 1994, H.W. Fluks wrote:
> Per answered to Dennis Recla about that new Barks story. One interesting
> thing to add is that it is (pencilled and) drawn by William Van Horn.
> This also means that our Van Horn expert, Fredrik Ekman, should know
> all about it.

Ouch! Who invented this crap about me being the local Van Horn expert? 
Anyway, it was published (finally) in the latest (double-sized Christmas 
special) issue of Kalle Anka & Co, so at least I can now comment on it. 
I guess I feel about the same as most other people who have commented. 
It is certainly not up to the best of Barks' previous works, nor to 
Don's, but it is far better than the average Egmont. Van Horn's drawing 
style, like others have pointed out, is not at its best in an adventure 
story like this. Van Horn should stick to the gag-filled ten-to-twelve 
pagers that he is best at.

> Its publications can (or should) be found in the most recent
> version of our ftp file 'van-horn.index' (, subdir 
> pub/comics/disney).

Correct, save for that Swedish publication, and the Italian (with English 
text!) mentioned by Luigi. You Americans will just have to go to Italy or 
wait for Gladstone.


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