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  I usually just lurk.  However, I have a question that I have been
wondering about for awhile.  I hope that you will have patience with my
ignorance.  First a little background. I have been collecting Donald Duck
and Scrooge McDuck stories since I was 6 years old. I started buying and
collecting them in 1956.  I have continued buying and collecting them.  I 
have every Donald Duck Comic and Scrooge McDuck comic every published 
from 1956 thru 1988. At that time, they were hard to find.  However, I 
have many of them with only a few missing. 

  Now for my question.   I have hear everybody talking about Barks, Don 
Rosa etc.  How can you tell if they did these comics?  Are they signed or 
something?  I have comic books that Don Rosa did and they were great. I 
know they were his because it was said in the letters section by the 
publisher etc.  I really enjoyed them.  I would like to be able to know 
who did my other comics.

  I have one more question that I hope somebody could help me with.  All 
my comics are in very good or excellent shape. I have them in plastic 
covers to protect them.  I would like to insure my comics but I do not 
know what their value may be except what I paid for them. I assume that 
they are worth more than that since I bought some when their selling 
price was 10 cents and up.   

    I know that these questions show a lot of ignorance on my part  but I 
am hoping that someone on the list could help me.  :-)   :-)

   I would appreciate any help that anyone could give me with these 
questions.  :-)   :-)   :-)

   Have a good day!  :-)  :-)


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