H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Mon Dec 19 18:56:16 CET 1994

Welkom, Pieter! Finally another un-lurking Dutchman! We haven't had that
since Andreas Gammel started the International Disney characters names list,
loong ago.

> But it made me think about the more mysterious Barks tales and to my 
> opinion they all featured humans (semi-caricatural to be sure).

Barks' editor once told him to stop using real humans in his stories. That
must have been in the early 50s. I don't remember that the goose woman was
human. Didn't she have a little dog-nose?

> Speaking of Amsterdam, did anyone remember the dynamite HANS 
> BRINKER story with the enormous clog drifting around? Where there any 
> tulips involved?

You mean "Hero of the Dike" (WDC 288, reprinted in WDC 431, Dutch DD 1981-41, 
"DD en andere verhalen" 17, and Swedish KA 65-28)?
Quite impossible for Duckburg to be in a below-sea-level place, giving
the other Barks stories. Don Rosa once placed Duckburg in the north of
California. He probably would say that this story was just a fairy tale,
"It never really happened".
I don't remember seeing any tulips in that story.


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