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   Gary Brown here. We had the opportunity to be columnists for G.B. Love's
RBCC at the same time back in the 70s. I did the Keyhole column and did Comic
Comments before it was turned into Comixscene.
   I've known Alan Hutchinson for almost 30 years now. We talk a few times a
week. I'm in Bradenton, Fla., just south of St. Pete, where Alan is.
   I've known Mark for about 20 years from CAPA-alpha and our interest in Bob
Bolling's Little Archie books. I introduced Mark to Bob, who still lives in
   Now that the bio is out of the way, I never noticed the Duck Tales
coloring on that $crooge gumball bank until you mentioned it, but you're
right. It is. Apparently they didn't do well, because of the cheap price I
got them for, but who knows.
   One item I wish I had gotten was a tin $crooge Money Vault that was being
sold at Disney/MGM Studios a few years ago. It had chocolate waffers wrapped
in golden tinfoil inside, but the outside was pretty neat. I came upon it at
the end of a visit to MGM with my kids getting crabby and my pockets empty. I
figured I'd get it the next time, but I haven't seen it since.
   Glad to be on board. 
Gary Brown
4230-C Colonial Circle,
Bradenton, Fla. 34208

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