The Plumber's Helper

Jon Cato Lorentzen jonlo at
Wed Jan 12 20:01:43 CET 1994

James says:
>Gladstone addressed reprinting "The Plumber's Helper" in one of their
>issues of Mickey Mouse [I think it was the 60th birthday issue].  At
>the time, they claimed that the story was extremely difficult to
>reproduce in comic book form.  Something about the way it was shaded
>(duo-tone?).  Can someone who has actually seen "The Plumber's Helper"
>shed some light on this.

"The Plumber's Helper" was released in Norway in either the "Jeg Mikke 
Mus", or "Jeg, Langbein" book. It's been some time since I read the 
story, but I do recall that many of the drawings were shaded in some 
special way. It was like everything (and body) in a room became darker, 
without the room becoming black. Reminded me a little of dot shading, 
which is often used in many newspapers strip. That means that very tiny 
black dots are placed on certain areas of pictures to make that area look

However, I may be far off here. They may have edited the shade effect 
completely away. Many of the "I-books" are very bastardized, anyway.

BTW: Is the banned Mickey In Africa story the one with all the gorillas
and the Cannibals ? I just wondered.

Jon C. Lorentzen
University of Oslo

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