Don on the banned 1st-app-HDL Taliaferro strip

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at
Mon Jan 17 01:34:14 CET 1994

	Dear Folks,

	Don Rosa told Gary to "please ask John Clark why Gladstone
can't print that strip with the first appearance of HD&L by simply 
omitting the letter's written reference to them blowing up their 

	After this request, much like my own, Don added, "Only 
kidding -- you can answer that yourself.  Please tell John Clark 
that you're going to answer it yourself."

	What is the implication here, Don?  Are you saying that you're
joking about changing the strip because you'd rather not see it than
see it slightly changed?  Of course I'd rather see the original
version!  So would every duck fan... but if the only way it'll see
print is censored, I'd rather see it that way than not at all!

	What can Gary answer himself?  Do you mean to say that the
question of what Disney will say is easily answerable, because even IF
the strip is changed, Disney won't allow it?

	Perhaps if the strip was accompanied by an article describing
how the nephews evolved, it would be permitted.  That's what was done
in DD 281 when Disney at first refused to permit the strip where
Donald smashed a window.  The article pointed out how the early Donald
was more audacious.

	Perhaps special permission would get Disney to let it be put
uncut in the _60th birthday special_, if nowhere else.  In such a
historic issue, the transgression with the firecracker could perhaps
slip by.

	It certainly did in 1987's WDC&S 522.  (How many of you forgot
about that one?)

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