Disney-comics digest #213.

Andrew Krieg 5-5379 krieg at ct.med.ge.com
Mon Jan 17 17:35:27 CET 1994

>>	After reading the various explanations of the pun in "Yussaf
>>Aiper", I have come to the conclusion that there IS no pun in "Yussaf
>>Aiper". It's just a name.

Here's my late entry (just caught up on the last 5 digests, whew!).  My
first impression was "Jus a viper" (or "Just a viper").  Aren't J's and Y's
pronounced somewhat similarly in Arabic?

I still wonder why Disney is so harsh in their editing of older stories.  They
edit offensive stereotypes out of cartoons when they show them on the
Disney Channel (and rightly so), but have offered uncut versions of them on
videotapes.  Warner Bros. has done the same.  Can't they edit/refuse to print
stories in comic book form, but still offer them uncut as graphic albums for

Yes, we the adult readers know they are offensive in parts, but we also know
this was due to ill-conceived perceptions in our society's past.

>>Sorry you're hacked off about our repeating Gottfredson. That material lost us
>>the most money of any when we originally published it, so we're trying to 
>>lessen the economic blow by giving them a fresh presentation in our new line. 
>>WE also feel that much of this material deserves a second chance with the 
>>vastly improved production values we can now give it, especially with 

I think you're expecting your loyal fans to have deep pockets and/or to be
obsessive collectors.  After paying $7-$10 per story for your previous albums,
I am not at all interested in paying *another* $5-$8 per story to collect them
in installments again, so I don't.  

>>	While I'm at it with "Lillehammer," let me say that I have
>>seen NO good copies of this comic.  Every single one I've seen has had
>>very bad mismatches of color to ink lines, the result being that the
>>color of Don's bill starts about 2 mm in from the left outline, and
>>stops about 2 mm to the right of the right outline, and so forth... In
>>fact, so many of the colors were so far off that I think that it was
>>the BLACK ink that was misprinted.  All the Gladstone copies AND all
>>the Marvel copies I've seen have been this way.

I just got my copy via my comic subscription service, and it too looks very
bad.  This is very unusual for a Gladstone comic.  I wonder what happened?

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