DDA 25

Mark Semich mas at cs.bu.edu
Mon Jan 24 00:53:18 CET 1994

>From: David A Gerstein <David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu>

>	In two scenes I had the angry Don refer to the kids as
>"infants" and "microbes" which was changed to simply "boys".  I have
>no idea why this was done.  Scrooge's use of the comment "feh" was
>changed to "phooey", "oh, so?" became "oh, yeah?" and Donald's use 
>of "avast" became "ahoy" (the last two were Disney's requests, I had
>thought John was going to override them... were the other things 
>Disney's doing as well?)

It's funny that "oh, so?" was removed - after I read the story, one of
the things I thought was, "Hey!  There was no 'Oh, so?' in that story!
I guess David forgot it..."  In all of the above mentioned changes, I
preferred the originals to the changed versions.  They seem to have
more punch.

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