Disney-comics digest #374.

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Tue Jul 5 10:21:03 CEST 1994


     You've probably already been told this by about half the people on the
list, so why not me, too?!

1. "The Ancient Mariner", or rather a quote from that poem by Samuel Taylor
Coleridge, is indeed the basis for a late WDC story by Barks. I don't know it's
WDC number off-hand, but if noone else has told you, I could always look it up
in the CBL for you.

2. The original title and lyric for Donald's composition are respectively "The
Screaming Cowboy" and "Oh, bury me thar, With my battered guitar, A-screamin'
my heart out for yew!". There is actually a complete set of Swedish lyrics, set
to music, that is probably available through the NAFS(k) office.

All my best


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