Disney-comics digest #377.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Fri Jul 8 05:20:36 CEST 1994

	I don't know if it's just your way of phrasing it, and I don't
know if it matters to you, but Pat Block is not, nor are any of the
other names you mentioned, "under contract" to Gladstone or anyone else,
to do or not to do anything at any time. Neither am I or any of the
other people you think are working for Egmont. We are all freelancers
who can do whatever we like. I am the one difference only in that I do
100% of my work for Egmont (except for the few covers I do for
Gladstone to augment my Egmont stories).
	And I'm not sure about all these Americans you think are working
for Egmont. Van Horn probably works pretty steady along with other jobs
he does for others. I think a few other writers have written a few
other stories. But that's it. They have a moratorium on buying any new
stories from anyone which will last for some time to come.
	But when they start buying again, they are the people to work
for! Their page rates for writing are TWICE what the highest American
page rates are for those super-hero things. Then Gladstone gets the work
for free and you'll help save them money. And Egmont doesn't need help
finding artists (since they have those art studios in third-world

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