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Fri Jul 8 12:19:12 CEST 1994


>I'm not sure why you blame the Norwegian editor (Svein Erik Soland?) for
>the manipulation of the fans and press, or for the deletion of mention
>of Rosa from all press releases. Of course, he's at least partly
>responsible, but he had little choice. 

I shall not blame Soeland for the deletion of mentioning your stories
although I find it weird and hypocritical, I cant imagine how Grandey can
have that much influence. But I blame him for being the guy who shall
control everything and everyone and therefore cannot tell of plans to
anyone. And I blame him because I feel humiliated by the way he threatens
me and I know the other fans feel the same. You see, I dont think we
Norwegian fans are anything like the creepy picture of brainless fans we
get from the States, I think we are responsible, reasonable people who can
communicate on a high level with Soeland, but he doesnt want to. I dont
want to stand there like a dog waiting for a snack from the dinner table,
but Soeland makes me feel like that.

>        Your telling the VG people about the "schism" was nice of you,
>but I wonder how wise? I hope they didn't blow it out of proportion...
>and if they did mention it, if they blamed any of it on Barks without
>singling out the Weasel instead, it wasn't right. But I thank you for
>the thought -- maybe you can send me a copy of that article sometime?

I shall have it translated. The article was written so that people who know
will understand that the journalist knows, but people who doesnt know will
not find any harm there at all. There is nothing in there about the Grandey
stuff, but I give the "real" reason about why Barks travel at the age of 93
and why he doesnt think highly about your following in his footsteps. I
think Even will translate it when he has finished his holiday. 

And my dear Don (not patronizing, mind you!), even though you are a bad
artist, your comics sparkle - they are the only ones worth reading today,
except for a few van Horns now and then. A friend of mine who is an artist
explained to me about your art and why it sucks (an expression I picked up
in another newsgroup) and well, yes, OK, but that doesnt change anything in
my adoration. In fact, I feel your remarks about your bad artwork affected.
Dont become angry now, I know you mean it! but dont tell us! I dont want to
hear that you think so badly about your own work! You spoil my fun! You
destroy my joy! I love every series you have made! And all the people I
show your series become enchanted: Wow, I never knew todays Donald duck
comic was that good! Don, you keep me from pestering Soeland with questions
for a Rosa album series or Rosa books in Norway! Did ever Beatles compose a
symphony? Do you think Ringo Starr could play the drums? Or John Lennon the
guitar? I mean in the eyes of the clasically trained artist?

Keep on with all your details, all your wild ideas, I love all of it. In
Oslo at the students social event, we studied your 60 year comic and
laughed wildly about everything. In fact, the whole DD comic is rooted in
the 50s and almost nobody has even tried to depict the 90s problems in it.
You were the first to bring the DD comic into the 90s with your 60th
birthday story. It is a literary event, although nobody understands it. But
VG understood and brought it on the front page!

Have a nice summer. I have bought a 10 seat bus and the other day got my
bus drivers license, here we go!

Geir Hasnes

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