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Fri Jul 8 15:25:58 CEST 1994


Thanks for the reply!

>I don't know if it's just your way of phrasing it, 

It is just my way of phrasing stuff.  I realize that these people 
are freelancers and aren't really under contract.  Personally, I 
would be very hesitant about working "under contract" for any 

>And I'm not sure about all these Americans you think are working
>for Egmont. 

Off the top of my head I can think of: Don Rosa, William Van Horn,
David Geirstein, Dave Rawlston (I may have his name wrong), Michael and
Janet Gilbert, and Robert Ingersol.  Granted most of these people only
do a little work for Egmont, but that is still a bunch of people.

>But when they start buying again, they are the people to work

Two years ago, (at your recommendation) I tried out for Egmont and never 
heard back.  My writing has improved tremendously since then.  I'd love 
to work for Egmont and I might someday in the future.  But, I don't plan 
to approach Egmont again until I have more experience.

The hardest part of becoming a professional is getting that first
story published.  I have to start somewhere and John Clark and 
Gladstone seem like a terrific place to start.

>Their page rates for writing are TWICE what the highest American
>page rates are for those super-hero things. 

Egmont's pay is very good.  I saw the scale two years ago. 
Unfortunately, Super-Heroes also pay well.  Sure the page rate is 
less, but they sweeten the pot with roality payments.

James Williams

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