Lost Library

Andrew Krieg 5-5379 krieg at ct.med.ge.com
Fri Jul 8 17:06:24 CEST 1994

Well, I looked and looked and looked but I couldn't find the D.U.C.K.
on the cover of the Uncle Scrooge Adventures with the Lost Library
story.  Where is it?  It was very easy to spot in the first panel of
the main story.

Hassen Ben Feyd (hope I got that right).... HA HA  You slay me Don!

The coloring was out of alignment through more than half of the story,
but it wasn't the entire issue.  What's going on here?  Why has Gladstone
gotten so sloppy?  Do they still have representatives reading this list?
I think we need to do some complaining!

This week-end I'll finally get to read the first 3 parts of the US
history in one sitting (I'm way behind in reading my comics).  I'm
really looking forward to this.
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