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Tue Jul 12 13:07:03 CEST 1994


Yes, you are right, the correct word is "treat". not "threaten", so I am
sorry for any misunderstanding. Thank you also for your comments, it helps
to view the situation with Soeland in another perspective.


Thanks to you also, Don, for your kind comments. Yes, I have to view the
relation to Soeland in another perspective also, and I always try to find
out what is happening given other peoples angles. I will discuss this
matter later, when we have returned from our holiday for a few weeks. I do
agree with both Bjoern Are and you that Soeland probably does his best in
the situation he is in, and that being run down by fans is probably not
helping him keeping an open ear to all my suggestions and questions. I may
agree that he has some overseers over him, but I also feel that he has a
need for control that keeps me very unsure about what he really means and
thinks when I talk to him. I feel that he is very closed to me, probably
more than any other people I know that it would make sense talking to. To
me, you can say almost anything, and I will take it seriously and think
about it, but Soeland doesnt really say anything else than he needs, so I
cant make head or tail of it.

And the main reason for my "anger" is that I feel that there is a great
interest in Norway for a serious treatment of Barks and the Disney
adventures, because all Norwegians have read the comic for many years, and
I have talked to Hjemmet for many years, but they seem utterly uninterested
even though the market would be very huge, for both the right presentation
of the comics and for books about the comics. I dont care any longer,
actually, because it is of no use trying to do anything, and I have lots of
other things to do, so it doesnt really matter that much. But it is too bad
that there are so many people out there longing to know more about the
Disney stories and what to get and where to get it, and nothing can be done
about that.

Have a nice holiday. if you havent already had it. I am off to help my
father move out of the house in Narvik and into a flat, actually it feels
like cutting off the links to my childhood and youth forever. 

Geir Hasnes

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