VARIOUS (Carl, Donald, James, Bartholomew)

James Williams James_Williams at
Tue Jul 12 15:22:40 CEST 1994

Harry wrote:

>James, if you don't want to offer your scripts to Egmont again, you
>could also try Dutch editor GP. Or you could even ask them if they 
>have artists that could work for Gladstone.

Thanks for the suggestion.  First, I need to clear up a misconception. 
I've got nothing against Egmont.  I'd *love* to work for them.  I tried
out for them 2 1/2 years ago and never heard back.  That's not
surprising, my writing stunk.  Thankfully, my writing has improved
tremendously since then.  When I have some published stories under my
belt, I'll approach Egmont again.  Second, if I sent something to
either GP or Egmont, it would have to be different stories.  I've
promised these stories to John Clark.  Third, anyone working for Egmont
probably won't work for Gladstone because of the lower page rate.

Not to worry, thanks to this list, I have two "interested" artists.

James Williams

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