Disney-comics digest #383.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Thu Jul 14 14:34:20 CEST 1994

	This is an educated guess -- the lyrics of that song on that
Disney record were written by Jymn Magon, until recently the
head-writer-producer at Disney TV animation, and the creator of
DUCKTALES. Jymn is a long-time Barks fan and was promoted to TV
animation production after catching the boss' eye by being the very
successful producer of all the Disney record series'. He's the guy who
wanted me to write DUCKTALES (NO, thanks!) and later got me to write the
first two TAILSPINs when Disney forced me out of doing comics for

	The whole point I'm trying to make is that it is wrong to try to
establish an exact amount of money in the McDuck Bin and that any
reference ever made to same is clearly just a gag. And you come up with
the suggestion that the figure in "Magic Hourglass" was accurate, but
only at that time. We're going in circles! If you wish to establish an
actual, REALISTIC amount to $crooge's net worth, then you're defeating
your own pointless purpose by using that line from "Hourglass" -- what
did someone calculate it to be? Something like 350,000,000 BILLION?
There's not that much money on the entire planet! Therefore it was a gag
reference. Therefore skip it. Therefore stop.

	Also, I think it was also Mikko who seems to be trying to
research another pointless question: does the Finnish Donald weekly
match some other Donald weekly? The various Egmont publishers are
supplied with a selection of stories each week in addition to the stock
that they already have on hand, in addition to a huge selection of
covers. Whether or not each various Egmont edition matches each week or
not is not worth trying to figure out. Some weeks they might match. Some
weeks they won't match at all. There's no pattern. You might want to see
what you're missing, but then you'd need to have a weekly conference
with readers in about 12 other Egmont countries since all 12 editions
will vary slightly. And what would be the point? Or were you only
interested in that particular week's issue for some reason?
	Just trying to explain to you how the system works and prevent
you from wasting time trying to figure it all out.

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