Quiet and Wendigo

Mark Mayerson mayerson at sidefx.sidefx.com
Sun Jul 24 15:52:36 CEST 1994

Glad to see that my "problem" was just a lack of list activity. Thanks to
everyone for confirming that I was still connected.

The War of the Wendigo thing is sad and funny.  Sad for obvious reasons but
funny because Disney's next feature is precisely about American Indians.  Since
they've taken flak about Aladdin from Arab groups, they're probably worried
already about Pochahontas and what Indian groups will say.  I'll bet that
if they don't get complaints about the feature, War of the Wendigo will
suddenly appear in a Gladstone comic.

Disney's feature after Pochahontas is The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so my advice
to Don Rosa is not to do any stories about physically deformed Frenchmen.
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