Disney-comics digest #338.

Larry Gerstein gerstein at math.ucsb.edu
Sat Jun 4 00:11:54 CEST 1994

        Dear Folks,

>> May 11, 1994      David: Updated info on covers, several corrections
>>                   (especially reversal of cover data for WiC 6 and WiC
>>                   7), and new criteria for titled vs. untitled covers.

        Despite my dad's name at the top of this letter, this is David
Gerstein reporting for duty!  First up I have to (Groan!) REFUTE some of my
own statements quoted above!  I visited a comic shop last week -- the first
one I've been to in a long time which had WiC double-albums.  And there I
discovered to my chagrin that the don-rosa.index was correct as it had been
*before* I tampered with it!!!  Yep, WiC 6 has Donald and Mickey in what
Don calls a "stupid-looking pose" (I don't think it's all that bad... ;-)
and then WiC 7 has the ducks marching off with the world map.  I was going
by an old comic preview catalog I had, which showed that picture of DD and
MM as being associated with WiC 7!  So you can wash out my mouth with
proverbial soap, folks, and switch those two entries back the way they

        I'll have more comments when I've read more of the digests!

        Your friend,

        David Gerstein
        <gerstein at math.ucsb.edu>

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