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> I would like to recommend anyone who lives in or near Copenhagen to
>[...] get a copy of their latest free product catalogue (Fantask Avis
>No. 10). It contains a twelve-page Carl Barks special with several
>interesting articles and a rather difficult Barks quiz.

 Here are the questions for that one:

1. Which story did Barks do in the depressive period, following his
   second divorce?
2. What is the name of the story, where we meet Uncle Scrooge for the
   first time?
3. Name at least three of Barks' occupations before he became a comic
4. What number is on Donald's license plate?
5. Name five occupations, that Barks gave Donald.
6. Which story was the first published in Danish?
7. What was the name of the town Omelet, before it was renamed?
8. Which pages were removed from the reprint of "A Christmas for Shacktown"?
9. What's the name of the lawyer in "The Golden Helmet"?
10. What is Donald getting intereseted in, in the end of "The Golden
11. What was the coloring error in #9/1954?
12. In what story does "the greeneyed monster of jealousy" appear?
13. In the story of the mini racers Donald is called in to replace a driver.
    What calamity hit the regular driver?
14. In the story where Donald is a beekeeper he visits Daisy. What
    perfume does he use?
15. Uncle Scrooge owns all kinds of factories. Which does he not own?
16. Where do the richest men in the world meet?
17. What's the name of the sodapop drinking camel?
18. What movie do the nephews want to see in the Platism story?
19. A guy named Joe from Singapore is a parrot. What does it call Daisy?
20. How many pages did Barks draw during his carreer? 3,000? 6,000? 9,000?
21. Name at least four characters, that Barks invented.
22. How much was Barks paid for a comic book page on his highest salary?
    25.50$? 35.50$? 45.50$? And how much for his latest oil?
    100,000$? 200,000$? 300,000$?
23. Who translated most of Barks' stories to Danish?

You can enter the contest until August -94 and win a Barks book.
Answers are acceptable in both Danish and English.

>As an afterthought, the catalogue is probably available for free from
>them within Denmark (and possibly the rest of Scandinavia) by writing
>to them. 

 Anybody can get a free Fantask newspaper, published about 4-6 times a
year by:  Fantask
          Skt.Pedersstraede 18
          DK-1453 Copenhagen K

>(How many Danish members do we have, by the way? I hope I'm not
>writing this for Ole all by himself.)

 The other member I konw of, Jan Lund Thomsen, is too busy to read the
messages, and may even have been unsubscribed. He would however like to
download that lysator before it happens. Which I BTW couldn't remember
the other day when I joined my brother Lasse at the Aarhus University.
We even tried to call Per.

>Donald gets wild about [...] a Miss and the shadow below [...]
>fits perfectly with the Miss. Am I right?

 To (mis:)quote Winnie the Pooh: "Them four-letter-words are awful
hard for a simple bear like me to understand."

>I'm afraid, Ole, that I cannot agree with your wholehearted and enthusiastic
>recommendation of the oils exhibit: I used to think from what I had seen in
>printed reproductions that maybe Barks isn't exactly Rembrandt, but at least
>fairly OK as an oilpainter, so I was SORELY disappointed in seeing the real
>McCoy. IMHO, and without mincing the words, Carl Barks the oilpainter STINKS!!!
>(sacrilege! stone him! stone him!)

 What surprised me was how badly any publishings I'd ever seen managed
to capture the radiance, the luminance, of the originals. On a sunny day
they shine! How good is Barks' eye-sight BTW?

>Not only are these paintings prime examples of muddled compositions and VERY
>bad technique, but worst of all: the man has no knowledge whatever of how to
>create volume through light and colour, which is what figurative oilpainting is
>really all about. If one actually tries to "read" what is painted on those
>canvases, the result is pitiable, with distorted bodies, absurd angles and
>bizarre light. I haven't really reacted to this before, since I've only ever
>seen promotional material with small not-too-well-printed reproductions, but in
>the flesh -- oh, brother!

 But the prindle of the sheer bulkness of amplitude, does present a stated
fin-de-siecle opaquity within the dissolutedness, you must admit.

>Well, then we saw the exhibition-to-be at the Kulorte Bibliotek (which is
>actually, correct-me-if-I'm-wrong, a Public Lending Library for COMICS!!!) --

 No, you're absolutely right. But that Sunday wasn't a regular open day,
so I couldn't get a 'licence to lend'. And I missed it all by an hour.

>they were then still hanging it -- including at least parts of Horsing Around
>With History, which at a glance seems to be OK (there is a semi-qoute there
>that you'll just LOVE, David!). The art is entirely van Horn (no underlying
>Barksian sketches that I could percieve), and good at that, though I didn't
>really get enough grip of the story (I only saw a few odd halfpages) to have an
>opinion on that... Probably worth waiting for, though!

 I also wish I had had the time to read it. Did you notice the letters from
famous Danes, like our once and future foreign minister, Mr.Uffe Elleman-
Jensen (who looks suspiciously close to the comedian on stage in Tivoli),
and Sussi Bech, artist on Nofret, with her re-draw of "Crown of the Mayas"
part 3, done at about age 7, when her copy had been lost.
Too bad the Darkest Africa frieze was the redrawn version, cheers for
Finnish Aku Ankku for not splitting it up, like the other countries, where
two panels are cut to make room for resumes.

>Oh, and at Tivoli (a large amusement park in downtown Copenhagen, for those who
>don't know) [...]

 Tivoli is even more world-famous than the Little Mermaid in Stockholm!
Oh, woe the day when Sweden becomes a part of Denmark. Next thing you'll
want a goal-keeper from Uppsala on our national soccer team!

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