Disney-comics digest #255.

Mark Semich mas at cs.bu.edu
Thu Mar 3 05:58:45 CET 1994

message from Gary Leach on 02 Mar 94 03:04:42 EST:
>Took a look at some direct market distributor order figures today for the 
>entire comics industry and...well, wot a mess! The speculators have finished 
>their pillagin' and rapin' and moved on (not a few of them pillaged and raped 
>in turn, just to be fair), leaving Gladstone with...a nearly doubled market 
>share! That is, we've gone from .24% to .56% of the direct market (rough 

I'd be curious to know the highest percentage that Gladstone ever had.
Has it ever been over 1.0%?  Given the current rate of increase, do
you think it will ever *get* over 1.0%?  I've heard rumors that "Uncle
Scrooge" #285 sold out.  Has this affected new orders at all?

>A new artist is about to debut with a full-length adventure coming up
>soon in Donald Duck Adventures. The name is Pat Block, and the tale is
>in collaboration with a writer/letterer whose name escapes me at the

This *does* sound interesting!  I remember when Gladstone first got
the Disney books back from Disney, one of their announcements was that
they had lots of new talent "chomping at the bit."  I'm glad that
we'll get to see some of it!  (Now if we can just get to see David's
Mickey stories... :-) )

>In the word's of Gladstone's founder, Helmut Werb..."Keep head cool!"

And here I though Gladstone Gander was the founder... :-)

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