progress report on the Disney-comics database

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Tue Mar 8 17:12:22 CET 1994

I started with converting the current index files into a Disney-comics 
So far, I made a new WDC index, with information from various sources, 
including the WDC updates from David Gerstein (never before put on ftp...)
I think WDC is the hardest part, because a lot of information is missing,
and it's a combination of an issue file and a story file.

The file now looks like this:

Code (with W)Pg Ex Date or  Plo Wri Pen Ink Hero Title
or issue           = reprint                   Tag
------------ ---## -------- --- --- --- --- -- - ------------

W WDC   1-FC   1                            DD O:Opening the book
W WDC   1-01   4                            -- T:THE ROBBER KITTEN
  WDC   1-02   0+  = YD             AT      DD
  WDC   1-03   0+  = YD             AT      DD


W WDC 158-FC   1   52-12-06         CB      DD H:<worm in appel>
W WDC 158-*1  10   53-03-26     CB  CB      DD D:Bzazz
W WDC 158      2                    PM      GD O:Box Seats
W WDC 158      3                            LH
W WDC 158      6                    PM      PL
W WDC 158      8                            BW
W WDC 158      8                CF  PM      MM H:in camera capriolen


W WDC 483      5                    PM      MM

I added one field to my 'proposed database format': the page layout (not
visible in the example above). It contains information about the number of
rows on a page, wether or not a page is printed sideways, etc.

There's still a lot of work to do, like adding all the reprint information.
So be patient with me...


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