Disney-comics digest #273.

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Sat Mar 19 01:44:00 CET 1994

	Dear Folks (especially Don),

	Don Rosa said, "Please assure me you aren't luring people over
to these environs who are going to log on pretending they're Donald Duck
or some such silliness. What do those people think when you claim to be
the "comic strip MM"?"

	(That regarding my decision to write articles to
rec.arts.disney in the style of the FG Mouse)

	Don't worry, Don, I know what I'm doing.  One look at this
newsgroup, and everyone can tell it's more serious in style than
r.a.d.  I'm just playing their game -- if the thing to do THERE is to
write in the "voices" of Disney characters, and if I like to do that
(heck, I write COMICS about them just like you do!) there's no reason
I can't do it THERE, where it's the happening thing.  By no means will
I encourage people to come over here by saying that they can write all
their posts in the style of Gus Goose, or some such.

	(Although SOMEONE -- need I mention who -- was talking about
his personal #1 Dime here a month or two ago! ;-)

	Meanwhile, the cost of those WDC&S 4 xeroxes (which will total
around 25 pages I think) will be roughly $1.50.  I can just send you
one of my German Rosas, and we can call it a deal, if you'd like that.
You want your German appearances, right?  Or do you have a source for
them now?  (If you want to answer that, Don, please reply to the
temporary e-mail address below)

        * * * * *

        Folks, this is my last letter for two weeks, as far as I know.
If someone wants to tell me something, just write to my Dad's E-Mail
address which is

        gerstein at math.ucsb.edu

        Per, please keep sending the digests to the address they're
NOW going to... so I'll have a big heap of them when I return.

        Goodbye, all!

        David Gerstein

        "I'll always come back!  Like a bad penny!  Or a ghost!"
        "GHOST???!  Merciful goodness, what have I DONE?  >SLAM!<
        <David.A.Gerstein at Williams.edu>

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