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Sat Oct 1 23:50:41 CET 1994

RoC> Ain't it about time we got a creator hoozoo on ftp too?

Just as the ftp archive always welcomes informational files on various
characters (to put in the subdirectory "characters") it informational
files on various creators are welcome.  (Presumably in a new
subdirectory.)  I don't see the need for any special administration
for something like that.  All that is needed is texts that *stand on
their own* to put there.  Most of the information that pops up on this
mailing list is in the form of a question somewhere answered somewhere
else with some clarification yet somewhere else, and the answers are
mostly just parts of longer messages dealing with lots of other stuff
as well.  That means that making such informational files to keep
takes some editing...

Apropos the ftp archive I've updated the big log files containing all
list traffic, *except* that the file for April this year is
incomplete!  I'm awfully sorry about my clumsiness that led to this,
but I'm almost positive I will be able to add the missing part of it
later by going throw my old mail files.

I'm a bit behind with my reading.  Not only on this list, but also on
Disney comics.  Recently I read the reprint of "This is your life,
Donald Duck" in Donald And Mickey #25 and could with my own eyes see
what I already been alerted to by a notice in NAFS(k)'s newsletter:
The editors had decided to

  1) replace Strobl's retelling of what happened in Barks's WDC 141
with "the real stuff", that is actual images from WDC 141.

  2) make those Barksian pie-cuts on the eyes.

I strongly object to this disrespect for the original artwork.  Sure,
Barks was a better artist than Strobl, but that's no reason at all to
remake Strobl's art to make it more Barksian.

And by the way... Karl-Erik resent a message writing
> This message bounced back, so I will try and post it again:

99 times out of 100 such bounces just mean that one (or two...)
subscriber(s) didn't get the message.  (The bounce message is supposed
to tell you which one.)  The best thing you can do about it is to
forward that bounce message to me.  The next best thing you can do
about it is to ignore it.
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