Translating Dutch Duck stories

Dwight Decker deckerd at
Fri Oct 7 16:57:45 CET 1994

David Gerstein just asked if I had translated a Dutch Disney comics
story involving an hourglass-shaped mountain. Nope. I have no idea
who would have been responsible for working on that story. I have
done some Dutch Duck stories recently, though. Harry Fluks knew
exactly which one I meant when I made the briefest of references
to a 25-page story involving Donald's pirate ancestor. There was
also a 25-page story dealing with Scrooge's effort to find the
lost treasure of an Egyptian pharaoh named "Gaos" (which I
rendered "Khaos"); in that story there was a camel driver named
Kemal, whose name I changed to "Kheno ben Rhosa" -- don't know
if it will survive editing though. And now I'm working on a
39-page Italian Mickey Mouse "which-way" story (i.e., at key
plot points, the reader can decide how to resolve them, leading
to about six different possible endings). But no hourglass-shaped
mountains in the lot, I'm afraid.

--Dwight Decker

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