Rosa in Disney-comics digest #460.

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Mon Oct 17 11:15:11 CET 1994

> Do the Digests have titles?

When you reply (or send a new message), your computer should give you an
editor window with a line starting with "Subject:" somewhere on top. 
The text behind this is the "title" (mostly called "subject" 8-) of the
message. If you reply, the text is already filled in: it's the subject of
the message you reply to. You should be able to edit this. Per has a
program that puts all the "subjects" of the messages in a digest in the
"contents" header.

Maybe there are some list members that scan messages on subject: only read
those messages that have an interesting subject.

But don't worry too much about this: your messages are (almost) always
interesting, and (almost) always regard the entire previous digest, so
your subjects are quite accurate...

> I notice everyone's
> contributions seem to have titles that they add themselves, while mine
> always have the titles as I describe above.

Funny you say that in a digest where 6 of the 7 messages carry the title
"Disney-comics digest #459"...


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