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Don Rosa wrote:
>to America in 425 BC; there's actually some evidence of this in a stone
>with Punic writing found on Cape Cod in the 1600's by a native (which
>would seem to make it unlikely to be a hoax?). Also, you mention the

Around here (Minnesota) some people believe that the Vikings made it this far
inland. They believe this because of a stone (called the Kensington
runestone) that a farmer was using as a front step to his barn.  One day the
farmer turned the stone over and to his surprise found cryptic writing on it!

The writing was supposedly done by Vikings, but it is believed that the whole
thing is a hoax because the writing is not typical of that period of time (I
think it contained Roman numerals which the Vikings did not use...or
something like that).  You also have to keep in mind that the area is
primarily made up of people of Scandinavian descent (myself included).  

Incidentally, that is why our state's (American) football team name is the

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