Lo$ #4

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Thu Sep 1 15:30:30 CEST 1994


Well -- I got my copy back from where I'd managed to leave it behind; and since
you know already that I sincerly approve of these first parts of Lo$ I don't
have all that much new, praize-wise, to lavish upon it, deserving though it is.

One questionmark, though -- huccome you decided to reduce the number of waddies 
laughing at $crooge staking his claim to just the *one* waddie? I mean, it
seems to me that you've tilted the picture-quote panel, moving the "camera" to
the right, so that the second waddie in Barks' original panel wouldn't be
visible anyway, but the one waddie you *have* included is part of the entire
sequence, all the way to the assayers, and excepting McMurdo there's no other
cowpuncher visible... why?

But I like the morals of this story -- how $crooge for the first time faces the
fact that true friends and great riches doesn't always go together, and how
this perceptibly begins to change him into the stingy loner he is yet to
become. I also thoroughly enjoyed the cameo appearance of Rockerduck (and his
pa!), though I'm kinda surprised no editors tried to edit out that reference to
him getting horse-whipped by his pa (well, it's inferred, not stated, of
course, but still...) --  I'da thought that'd be very un-PC?! Not that *I* mind
the joke, don't think that, but some editors do seem to have fairly thin skin,
or so I believe. Or, hey! Maybe horse-whippin' some editors (or a certain
weasel?) might be the cats pyjamas, eh...? (Add smiley here)

Also, I've talked to Stefan, and:

a) his regards, greetings and sundry salutations!

b) the Gothenburg thing orter be hunky-dory, since Dick Brobeck told him
yesterday that he had ordered your air-plane tickets. While Stefan didn't know
doodly-squat about the Stockholm business really, he believes that to be Daniel
Atterbom's show all through -- i.e. no official Egmont rep. in Stockholm. But
he said, too, that Egmont/Sweden are notorious (in his experience) for not
making their minds up about these kinds of things, and that it might turn out in
the end that Egmont will be in Stockholm, too... But that's about all he knows,
presently. Or maybe Egmont has been in touch with you already, since you posted
last time?

Well, all my best!


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