Disney-comics digest #422.

Mikko Henri Juhani Aittola maittola at snakemail.hut.fi
Sun Sep 4 10:00:43 CEST 1994

Don Rosa wrote:

> 	Speaking of Sweden, Egmont mentioned to me today that some
> Swedish comic fans are suing the editor of the Egmont Disney weekly on
> the basis that it is against Swedish law NOT to give artist and writer
> credits and it's the editor's responsibility to obey the law. This is a
> very noble and selfless thing for someone to be doing and paying for
> themselves; and I think Egmont is interested in the outcome. It's DISNEY
> that is preventing Egmont from putting those credits in while Egmont
> WANTS to do so, and this will be interesting to watch. 

    This is not true at least here in Finland. Finnish editors have 
    complete credits for new Egmont stories but they have decided 
    not to print 'em. They say that part of the reason to do that
    is that they don't get the credits for Dutch (and propably
    Italian) stories. And they don't want to treat various artists
    I asked this from Byron also when he was in Finland, but
    he didn't give answer.

      PS. The new 'mickey-in-old-red-shorts-with-two-buttons' story
          by Verhagen&Erickson is currently being published in

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