Disney-comics digest #424.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Tue Sep 6 04:04:12 CEST 1994

	The "odd" story in that Italian Disney digest was surely not
something that "slipped by the editors". Wouldn't you suppose it was
something that the editors planned carefully?
	I think I'd rather not see such sordid things dealt with in a
Disney comic, even though I know exactly what the editors would say and
the good that they were hoping to accomplish. And for all I know, it
might have DONE some good somewhere. I just hate to think that it's the
responsibility of a Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck story to deal with this
sort of thing when it should be dealt with in some other manner or
agency. Oh, well, I guess if I get away with the weird stuff I am
allowed to put into "Disney comics" simply as entertainment, other
people can use their stories to save mankind.

	The '$' was not meant to apply to Torcivia, only Jippes, and
then not even so much as to Jippes directly, but to the type of
motivation which may be involved with his relation to Grandey.
	So you're saying that Torcivia avoided any contact with Grandey?

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