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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Tue Sep 6 12:30:26 CEST 1994

>         I've just completed the script for a Duck story done directly for
> Gladstone: the "Pirate Gold" sequel "Return to Morgan's Island," which will
> be a 26-pager.

You mean they found an artist to draw stories like this? Is this the same 
artist James was talking about?

>         At the San Diego Comic Convention I bought WDC&S 16, 19, 23, and 38
> -- all of which aren't in our database.  Well, they are now -- I'll send
> Harry the data on them in moments!

About that database: David (old Dell/new Gladstone comics) and Anders Engwall
(Swedish comics from the 70s) have been sending me a lot of information,
lately. I'm still busy incorporating the data in the database. I plan
to issue a new version on ftp before the end of the month (after that,
I won't be able to ftp anymore...)

>         Pat Block and Ron Fernandez had a great visit with me over dinner
> at the Convention.  They have shown me artwork from their second Duck tale.

I saw a long Dutch Scrooge story a few weeks ago, with art that looked very
much like Pat Block's. Did he draw a story for GP in Holland, before he
worked for Gladstone?

>         Someone (I'm sorry, I forgot who) mentioned the publication of the
> Erickson/Ferioli story in which Mickey wore his shorts.

I think it was Mikko. He erroneously said it was a Verhagen story.

On some other subject:
I think the most recent Gladstone Donald Duck comic had two errors in the
letters page:

- They say 'experts' claim that Barks wrote the "Too Many Pets" story 
  (Four Color 29) himself.
  But Michael Barrier quotes Barks from a letter, saying "the story was
  written my Merrill something-or-other" (meaning Merill deMaris).

- They say they don't use "Popop" (Fethry) much because all his stories 
  are Italian, and they can't translate them. Apparently, they don't know
  there are quite a lot of English stories with Fethry, even by Strobl.
  (Does someone care to tell them?)


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