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    I've talked to Stefan again, but presently he knows no more than what I
already told you. Nor has he heard of anyone suing Egmont, but that is not to
say it might not be true, since comic fans have indeed talked about that kinda
thing for several years now. It is official NAFS(k) policy not to take any such
legal action, for several reasons, but any individual fan might well enough
have felt it was time to act, I don't know... I haven't heard anything myself

Anyway -- the Gothenburg book fair is scheduled for Thursday October 27th
through Sunday October 30th, but if the comics part of it is limited to the
week-end, I don't know. I *do* know that you're to be in a panel with Stefan
and several others (presumably Byron, f'rinstance) on Saturday October 29th.
(and this it *really* bothers me to miss! but that can't be helped...),
discussing how disney comics are made these days, or something like that.

Anyway, the only thing that Stefan or I can suggest right now is for you to get
in touch with *both* Dick Brobeck and Daniel Atterbom. Sure, I agree they ought
to contact you and not the other way 'round, but since you *do* need the
information ASAP, they are of course the best sources.

Sorry we can't help you further than that, right now!

All my best!


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