Disney-comics digest #425.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Wed Sep 7 05:25:44 CEST 1994

	Old bizniz! I forgot to answer your question about that scene at
the beginning of "Lo$" part 11 where $crooge is in Goldopolis, Nevada,
fighting the McVipers and hiding a stock certificate in a
bottle-building; yes, that odd little interlude is entirely based on
Barks' "Mystery of the Ghosttown Railroad", which, like every morsel of
info Barks ever wrote about $crooge's early life, I was determined to
get into the "Lo$" somewhere. Part 11 was the awkward catch-all for
dozens of old Barks references. Actually, every single thing that
happens in that long chapter is based on some old Barks bit -- was that
the ONLY bit of bizniz that you couldn't identify?

	I am trying to find someone living in France who can supply me
with copies of LE JOURNAL DE MICKEY or PICSOU which reprint my stories.
Do you have any way to obtain back issues from the past year or two?

	Pat Block never did any work for "Oberon" prior to his Gladstone
story? What did Duck fans think of that "Mystery of Widow's Gap", by the

	I still haven't heard from anyone at Egmont/Sweden, but I did
get a call from a Swedish travel agent calling, I assume, on Brobeck's
behalf. She was asking me what dates I wanted to go to
Gothenburg-Oslo-Stockholm and I told her I didn't have the foggiest
idea. She then said she had been given certain dates and would send me
some possible flight schedules to look at -- but I haven't heard
anything since last week. I also heard from Daniel Atterbom informing me
that he could the Stockholm show could no longer help pay for the plane
tickets; the call from the travel agent seemed to imply that Egmont
wasn't going to require $ help from Atterbom, but perhaps they were just
assuming it was still part of his plan -- so, as usual, I'm still not
sure just what is what.
	You already said you couldn't make it to Stockholm -- but now
you're also saying that you won't be in Gothenburg either??? Isn't that
practically walking distance from Lund? (Or close, anyway?)

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