Disney-comics digest #426.

Sigurdur Hrafn Gislason shg at rhi.hi.is
Thu Sep 8 12:33:30 CEST 1994

You are right of course. The editors must have planned that abuse story
and it didn't slip by them. But I was still surprised because I thought 
they were obligated to keep their comic in the Disney spirit. 
Now that you mention it, there were a lot of little details in that story
but I never really thought about them as connections to Barks. Guess
I gotta buy these Barks books after all.
I saw a Swedish or Norwegian show last night about Carl Barks and your
face popped up for about 30 seconds and so. I certainly didn't expect you
in that show, considering your animosity towards Barks's agent. Or more
to the point, Barks's animosity towards you.
Maybe this was done some time ago. I dunno.
Nice comic collection though.

Has that Trojan horse story by Barks and Van Horn come out yet?


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