Disney-comics digest #428.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sat Sep 10 05:30:58 CEST 1994

	So my "Lo$" #7-9 has been printed in Holland? Have you set aside
some issues for me, I hope?

	I thought maybe we mentioned that Norwegian Barks documentary on
here before? The TV crew came here to my remote Kentucky home for a
whole day -- and filmed me for about 4 hours talking about Barks and the
Ducks, after which my wife put on a veritable banquet for the whole
crowd. They had to keep the visit quiet from Barks for fear he would
refuse to cooperate with them if they knew I was on their itinerary.
	Of course, it was a show about Barks, so I am honored to be
mentioned at all. But you notice that they used none of the footage
where I'm talking about Barks or Ducks, and they didn't even mention
that I had a blinkin' thing to do with the characters. They only used a
brief shot of me saying something about American comics. I suspect
"hanky-panky" as Inspector Clouseau might say. If they were going to
snub me like that, why did they waste a whole day of my time (and pay)
by coming here?!?! Maybe they just wanted the steak dinners. (snort)

FABIO through DAVID or somehow:
	I did send you a long reply to your last message, but I'll never
recall everything that was in it. I recall asking you why they'd cut up
my "Birthday" story while leaving Rota's as was -- and if you have a
clue about that, you still didn't say. I also asked what I was supposed
to do with this album that your friend gave me in San Diego; he said he
had no instructions from you about it. It was an album with my work AND
Barks' work, and it was already signed by Barks. I vaguely recall you
saying that I was supposed to sign it and give it back to your friend
for return to you. But I wasn't sure -- if it was a gift to me like the
other stuff, it would have seemed rude if I'd sent it back. Am I
supposed to return this signed or keep it?
	Also, here I go again, but... PLEASE don't repeat all those
messages when you reply to them. Perhaps they were old, but can't you
just make a reference to what you're replying to rather than bounce the
entire messages back at us? Just imagine if everybody did that on here
every day. Each person's message would bounce back the entire previous
day's Digest, and it would take 2 hours (and cost $5) each day to read
it all. 

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