Moe and indexes (Re: From RoC)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Tue Sep 13 11:00:34 CEST 1994

Ole about a Moe story:
> X 1048   11   42/69   'DD - a Peaceful Fishing Trip!'
> 1) The code implies that it was made in 1971. A typo?
>  In Martin Olsen's index the code is given as X 048. Not better, so I
> guess the "1" I can see is supposed to be a "7"

I've seen a lot of codes like this in Holland: starting with a '1', while
published in 1968 through 1970. I guess the European publishers got
confused because the American '7' has no horizontal line in the middle...

Ole again, about Disney comics indexes:
> Under consideration is adding a column with the cast of each story.

I also included information like this in the Disney comics Database, though
not in a column. "Unusual" characters (not the entire cast) are mentioned
in a [Ap: xx] comment after the title. So it's easy to find all Fethry 

> Swedish.dbl has all the codes Anders could find in KA?

No, not yet. Anders sent me a lot of data, but I didn't send it to the
ftp site yet.
I started the 'swedish' list by converting Kjell Crone's Western list,
so it includes the Swedish reprints of Western stories, including their
English titles. After that, Anders started sending updates.
If you have a new version of your Danish index, please send it (to me),
I hope I can embed it in the Database!

> "*Well* When are you going to think of something else you can beat me at?"
(I guess we'll never know Donald's answer to this...)


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