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Tue Sep 13 13:32:18 CEST 1994


>What is the use of another D.comics forum? Are there CompuServe members
>that can't receive 'our' mailing list?  Do CompuServe people want an own
>list to avoid the messages of some of us?

I've had an CompuServe account for a number of years and yet didn't realize 
I could have been receiving this mailing list there, so ingnorance may be 
part of it.  Also, CompuServe's message threading used in their forums may 
be preferred by some.  I checked out the Disney comics forum there and 
there is quite a flurry of message activity.  Will have to wait until the 
newness wears off to see if it remains so.   


>I could think of several reasons: It may be cheaper for CS members to use
>their own service, CS is commercial and may decide that they make more
>money this way (don't ask me how), CS may try to create a "better" list
>in order to win more subscribers or (the most probable reason) the majority
>of CS users (I would guess close to 100%) do not know of our existence.

If your only account is CS, it may be cheaper, but CS is not cheap!  I pay 
a modest annual rate for my internet account, but CS costs $ per hour and 
per message.  An off-line reader would help, but it still is expensive.

I would guess that most Disney comic fans do not know of this list.  I 
noticed that Catherine Yronwode in her "Fit to Print" article in the latest 
CBG mentioned a Modesty Blaise mailing list.  Have there been similar plugs 
for this list?

>PS. By the way, did anyone get my last message a few days ago? If I have
>received it myself I must have deleted it without noticing. DS.

I checked back to August 26th, and there were no messages from you.

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