Disney comics Database, and Verhagen

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Fri Sep 16 10:46:56 CEST 1994

>  A personal letter follows as soon as I've found all my notes for you
> - and your new address. AND you're losing you ftp access?

I'm even losing access to the newsgroups rec.arts.disney and rec.arts.comics.*
But I'm not so sorry about that... 8-)

> This sounds serious to me

The ftp site has always been available via e-mail. So I think I'll have to
use that, or maybe I visit my old employer now and then...

> Could you please, *pretty* please, mail major updates to me *directly*
> on Lasse's address. His salary is lower than Donald's, he likes sleeping
> as much, but he works harder and on a lot more at a time.

Do you mean he has to pay for ftp, while receiving mail is free?
The total database will be about 9 megabytes of ascii text (which means
9 million characters). Shall I send it to you in one mail? 8-)

(BTW Per: I said to you it would be about 2 Mb, but I forgot to count the
files that are generated by my programs. The "source" files only are about
2 Mb...)

> Mikko> So does Mickey artist called Paul Verhagen exist?
> You're thinking of Paul VerHOVEN, the director of 'Robocop'.

I think *you* are thinking of Paul VERHOEVEN.
Dutch for Danes (and other foreigners), lesson 1:
  pronunciation: OE = oo in English "book", u in German "Buch"
                 U  = between u in English "luck" and oe in German "Loecher"
                 EU = o" in Kna"ckebro"d

>  ...but there is BEN Verhagen, who draws ducks only, right, Harry?


In 1992, he drew a story about Columbus. This was a Euro-centric story.
Scrooge went back in time and met Columbus the moment he "discovered" America.
Scrooge goofed up: Columbus never told anyone about his discovery.
When Scrooge gets back in 1992, all is normal (Duckburg still exists, so
it's obviously not in America), except that there are no potatoes, tobacco,
hammocks or other stuff that came from America.

The story had some educational goal (in the Columbus-year 1992), but I think
this one will never be printed in the USA.. 8-)


(new mail address: fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl)

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