Danger Island

James Williams James_Williams at ESS.NIAID.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Fri Sep 16 20:34:19 CEST 1994

There have been a few posts about the origin/inspiration for
this story which appeared in the latest issue of Uncle Scrooge 
Aventures.  What did people think of it?

I'll be blunt, I thought it was the worst Uncle Scrooge story
I've ever read.  First, I thought the whole topic was very
un-Disney.  Second, I thought that Scrooge was portrayed
totally out of character.  He was treated as an old and nearly
helpless man.  The only reason he survived is because the
nephews were so smart and resourcefull.  This Scrooge McDuck
was not "smarter then the smarties" nor was he "tougher than
the toughies".  Third, there is one scene early on where Scrooge 
is trying to hide from the dogs and complains about the fact
that it is hopeless because he doesn't have a gun.  This is
suppose to be Scrooge McDuck, not the Punisher.  Fourth, Scrooge's
line where he warns that he has an itchy trigger finger was probably 
the single most uncharactristic line I've ever heard him mutter.


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