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Tryg Helseth trygve at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Sat Sep 17 03:55:20 CEST 1994


>COMPUSERVE we were discussing, it's fading fast. In the past 24 hours
>there were 3 messages [Edited]	And as I described it, that is not a Disney
>section which people must go out of their way to sign up for... it is
>available to the thousands of COMPUSERVE comics forum viewers at all times,
>and shows up on their list of options. It's about what I'd expected...

I guess I'd like to give a chance before calling in the undertaker.  Per 
mentioned a while back that this list got off to a slow start and the he 
posted most of the messages at first.   Even if it is readily available to 
people who frequent the CS comics forum, I wonder how many Disney comics 
fans even look there?  I long ago gave up in *any* generic comics 
forum/newsgroup/conference as supur heros were the only thing discussed 
there.  I wouldn't have found out about the Disney forum if James hadn't 
posted a message here. 


>I have a freeflag on com pub and comics there....If you all
>think it would be worth it, I can post echoes of the Digest up
>there & see if it will either stimulate the conversation there
>or send some new folks this way?

With Don complaining about paying to have his words echoed back at him 
multiple times, I'm sure he wouldn't want to pay again to read what he 
wrote on compuserve...  :)


>I think if CompuServe's Disney section is going to survive (and I hope
>it does), it has to do it on its own.  I've posted some stuff there 
>this morning to try and stimulate conversation [...]

I saw your posts and replied to one (though I know you are trying to get 
others to reply).  As I said above, it may take some time for the word to 
get out to Disney comics fans that the forum is there.  It was a fluke that 
I found out about this list (from a cross posting on RIME's Disney 
conference) and it will take a lot of flukes for other Dc fans to get the 
word.  I think we are just too spread out and disconnected in the US--like 
rubber rafts adrift in a sea of superhero worshipers...

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