Disney-comics digest #435.

Ronald A. Evry revry at pen.k12.va.us
Sat Sep 17 06:15:13 CEST 1994

>Your name isn't fimilar to me.  What do you do for a living?
>James Williams

Well, I write a column on comics for the Journal Newspapers in
the metro DC area....I also occasionally write for The Comics
Journal & will soon be appearing on sporadic episodes of
"Flights of Fantasy," a nationally syndicated TV show about

Probably the only people on this list who have seen my column
is Don (I mailed him one about DD's 60th where I mentioned him)
& Mark Myerson.

I also contributed to some VERY early issues of the original Barks
Collector back when John Nichols was doing it.

Mostly, I lurk....
Ron   :)

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