Disney-comics digest #440.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Thu Sep 22 06:57:13 CEST 1994

	Aha! Got you!
	I haven't a chance of remembering all the contents of the long
messages I've sent you several times before you started disappearing on
me -- but one question that I know I keep asking is about the Gladstone
album that your friend gave me in San Diego. One more time: he said you
gave him no instructions when I asked if I was supposed to autograph it
and return it (as I thought I might recall you requesting in advance) or
if it was a gift to me (since it was already autographed by Barks). What
did you intend I do with it??????
	New comments as regards that DD 60th Birthday Italian Digest...
you refered several times to my story and the Van Horn story being cut
up in that edition; there WAS no Van Horn story in that issue. But I do
want to say something about that Marco Rota story; I think I've said in
the past that I'd taken a quick look at that story when I was in the
offices of one of the European publishers, and at the time all I had
time to notice was the truly bizarre opening of $crooge finding Baby
Donald when a storm blows his egg out of a nest in a tree. Sick.
Twisted. Ecch. Enough on that. But for the first time I was able to look
at the rest of that tale carefully. I still can't read it -- but it
looks like the rest of the story isn't as nuts as the beginning -- but
the main thing I noticed was the ART. Y'know, that must easilly be the
best art I've ever seen in a Duck comic!!! Particularly the opening and
closing shots of the Duckburg skylines! I've never seen much of Rota's
art, but are all his stories that beautiful?! Or did he try extra hard
on that one? I could work for a month on each page and never draw that
well! I wish I could just sit and ask some REAL artist just how they
draw such gorgeous buildings and backgrounds like Rota did here! This is
really fabulous art!

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