Who's reading this, anyway?

Dag Nummedal nummedal at pvv.unit.no
Fri Sep 23 18:28:21 CEST 1994


:> One interesting thing, I thought, was that two of the entries 
:> <disney-comics at ifi.uio.no> and <disney-comics at corp.portal.com> look like 
:> lists in themselves.   Now if they feed other lists, there could be quite 
:> a network of list readers out there... 

<disney-comics at ifi.uio.no> is fed into USENET as the newsgroup
fa.disney-comics. This newsgroup is available to anybody with access to USENET
in Norway (the fa groups are not gated out of the country).

There is very little logging of who reads these newsgroups, but they are
easily available to all students at the universities and colleges here in
Norway. Considering the popularity of Donald Duck in this country, the
newsgroup readers probably make up a substantial number of the total
subscribers to the disney-comics list. 

Dag Nummedal.

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