Disney-comics digest #442.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sat Sep 24 04:38:10 CEST 1994

	Thanks for that list of users. Of course, though I asked to see
it, it's of limited use since a lot of it reads like gibberish. And
those "subscribers" who are actually destinations which pick up the
Digest for other networks sort of renders the list even more difficult
to comprehend. I also don't see any real reason to worry about someone
not wanting it known that they are on the list since it would be so easy
for them to list some other name or code in their ID if they wanted to
stay anonymous.
	Anyway, as with all computer forums, I am amazed with how many
people are reading these messages but not participating in the
discussions. This is fine -- participation is not required -- and if
EVERYBODY participated EVERY day, we'd all have no time to do anything
in life but read the Digests. I'd hope that everyone who sees these
Digests would make a comment once every few months... that would be
	But are ALL those people really seeing this stuff every day? Or
are most of those just "ghost" destinations? I guess there's no way to
know this. Perhaps only 10-20% of those names are actually reading these
Digests? Look at all those countries represented! That would be swell if
we were such a globe-spanning community here, but I somehow feel like
that list is misleading. There are two names on there from COMPUSERVE
where I am (Heide MacDonald and Stefanie Cranfill) who I have never seen
make a contribution and who, over on the COMPUSERVE comics forum, I have
never heard comment that they ever see these Digests. I'm gonna check on
	Anyway, thanks...

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