Disney-comics digest #444.

Even Flood Even.Flood at due.unit.no
Mon Sep 26 11:17:44 CET 1994

On 26 Sep 1994, Don Rosa wrote:

> EVEN: (or somebody)
> 	Remind me again what the difference is between the Digest I see
> and the "newsgroup" that you mention. What goes on there? Is it only
> Disney comics related? When I post my replies to the Digest, do they
> find their way to the "newsgroup" or stop at the Digest? What? Who?
> Which?

Maybe Per can answer this better than me, but here goes:

Every entry on this list get posted on a Scandinavian Netnews activity 
named fa.disney-comics, and that activity is only the entries from this 
list. That means that most Scandinavians with netnews access can read this. 
The can also comment on what they se. But if the do 
that, their entry does not come back to us on the maillist here, it 
remains on the Netnews activity. In theory that means the there could be 
an independent discussion that would never reach us here. In practice, 
this has not happened.

But since the Netnews is open to everyone it is impossible to estimate 
how many actually reads what is going on here. 

The digest you see is all the days entries packed into one big file. The 
Netnews readers see every single entry separately on the newslist.

And to answer your final question, all your replies goes to the netnews 


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