Can't find that newsgroup tallmo at
Tue Sep 27 12:11:40 CET 1994

>Every entry on this list get posted on a Scandinavian Netnews activity
>named fa.disney-comics, and that activity is only the entries from this
>list. That means that most Scandinavians with netnews access can read this.

EVEN: That's interesting, but I don't see this group anywhere! Is it
fa.disney-comics or with some more prefix? Or could it be that my provider,
UDAC in Uppsala, does not carry this newsgroup? I wonder how much one
misses, just because the provider skips a lot of groups. I have a little
more than 5000 groups, but somebody told me the other day that there are
almost 10 000 groups in the world (I don't know if this is true, but what

ALL: And as a newbie here I just have to say that I am almost shocked to
learn that Disney comics are so little appreciated in the US. On the other
hand, how is Gladstone doing? I mean in terms of sales and finance. Their
publications can't be cheap to produce, so they must sell, I guess. Is it
mostly to countries outside the US?

And the newsgroup about Disney is really a sad experience. I can't
understand this hype about Disneyland and Disney World. I mean, doesn't the
visitors care at all were all those people dressed up in mouse and duck
costumes really come from?

Karl-Erik Tallmo

KARL-ERIK TALLMO, Swedish writer, journalist, critic and HyperCard
programmer, living in Stockholm. Contributor of articles to Nordic dailies
and magazines. Writes about music, literature and computers. Also DTP,
Swedish grammar checking, translation, etc. through the private firm NISUS

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