The trojan horse

Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at
Thu Sep 29 11:17:25 CET 1994

I got the chance to take a look at the first part of the Barks/Van Horn 
story in the norwegian DD&Co. yesterday. Looks quite OK so far, but I'll 
wait 'til next week with any further comments. other than this question:

- Has U$ had teeth inside his bill before? I _think_ I remember having seen 
it before, but I'm not quite sure. Are there any stories which indicate the 

The peculiar thing about it is that it's the _first_ story in the magazine! 
The only other continuation story I can remember that got the same honour 
where some of the Lo$ parts. Personally I would have preferred to have the 
whole story as an "extra" magazine which they have about 8 of every year.

Knut Hunstad

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